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The biggest news is the availability of a Hybrid Civic sedan, which has a more powerful gas/electric powerplant system than in Honda's groundbreaking Insight. This environmentally friendly vehicle offers the room and comfort of a Civic sedan with mileage estimates of 46 mpg in the city and 51 mpg on the highway. Although Toyota brought out its four-door Prius hybrid a few years prior to this Civic's debut, Honda loyalists now have a practical hybrid they can call their own.

There are now three body styles to choose from: coupe, sedan and hatchback. Conservative styling for the sedan and a slightly more aggressive approach for the coupe help to differentiate these two body styles, while the hatchback presents a snub-nosed, city-car look. The hatch is only available as the sporty 160-horsepower Si, while the others are available in familiar DX, HX (coupe only), LX and EX trim levels.

A more spacious cabin features Honda's trademark large, simple controls but greater use of hard plastic trim seems to indicate that the company may be resting on its laurels a bit.

The newest Civics ride on a stiffer platform that decreases chassis flex and thus provides better handling and increased crash protection. But to the chagrin of hard-core enthusiasts, Honda replaced the front double-wishbone suspension setup with a more space-efficient McPherson-strut setup, which isn't as easy to "slam" (lower) as the double-wishbone design. Steering now boasts a quicker ratio along with variable power assist, which makes parking easier while allowing more road feel and response during spirited driving.

Under the hood, the engine's size has been increased slightly (from 1.6 to 1.7 liters) to provide more torque, and transmissions were tweaked for improved shifter feel and greater efficiency.



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Very informative man. I don't own a hybrid but I do own an01 ex sedan. I'm an economic tuner if there is such a thing. My daily commute to work every day (round trip) is about an hour and a half of highway driving.


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Dude...I commute an hour or so a day. It really sucks, but my EX coupe makes my drive much more enjoyable down I-40. I gotta say the more rigid platform makes a difference on the
interstate. I haven't modified my car at all as of yet. I plan on doing things that help get those 127 hp to the ground before I look to add any ponies under the hood. LSD conversion...flywheel and clutch, struts, springs, light weight wheels. Phase two....free up power underdrive pullies.....Then....bolt-on performance.

Peace, love, and VTEC surges to satisfy your primal urges.


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yea i have a 01 Lx civic coupe, and being that i live in northern virginia near DC and commute up to Arlington for work its good that I get great gas mileage i can go almost a week and a half with other driving in between on one tank. My dad owns a neon and has to fill up once a week if not more


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T03/04b turbo
mild steel intake charge piping
custom RevHard turbo manifold
Haltech F5 standalone fuel computer controlling an additional GReddy 460 injector
Stock fuel components remain
After the MAP sensors see boost, the Haltech kicks in and provides what extra fuel is needed.
Spearco intercooler
HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
DC Sports TCS exhaus
GReddy Profec A boost controller with remote switching system


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D17 Turbo Kits

The only turbo kit I have found for an 01+ Civic is at www.turbo-kits.com and it comes
as following:

Brand: TSI
Desc: 01 & Up Honda Civic
Type: Extreme Kit
Status: Ready to ship
Price: $2899.00
Civic Extreme Turbo Kits Include:
- Garrett T25 Turbo w/ Wastegate
- Cast Exhaust Manifold
- Chrome Heat Shield
- Downpipe w/ Gasket
- Map Unit (Black Box)
- 2 Injectors & Interface Block
- Injection Control Unit w/ Turbo Timer
- Blow Off Valve (BOV)
- High Flow Front-Mount Intercooler
- Polished Aluminum Intercooler Piping
- SS Braided lines for Water Cooling
- SS Braided lines for Oiling
- Return Hose and Fittings for Oil to Pan
- All Hoses & Clamps
- All Necessary Hardware & Fittings
- Generic Install Instructions
- Injector Control System Settings
For Engines: D17
Boost: 6 PSI
HP Gain: 56% Increase (safely on stock engine)
Turbo Efficiency: 325+ HP
Direct Bolt-On: Yes
Warranty: 5 Year on Cast, 1 Year Accessories
Ball Bearing Upgrade: $400

I hope that this'll help you!!!


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D17 Max HP

I've been searching around to find the max hp that an 01+ civic can handle before you have to start mods on your block, drivetrain, and such?


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are the B-series engines still able to be swapped into this chassis??


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HKSdrift3r said:
are the B-series engines still able to be swapped into this chassis??
you can, but it'll be illegal in some states and stupid compared to a nice K-series..