90 Honda Civic wagon code 4 crank angle


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In my 90 Honda Civic wagon My LSV b16 swap p28 with obd2a dizzy daily for the last 7 years

Drive on freeway check engine light came on
Code 4 crank angle
Warranty the dizzy not once not twice not 3 times but 5 different times 3rd time I got my money back and went to a different part store for a different brand and warranty twice ....

My car been running great for 7 years I know my wiring is 100% blue green blue yellow etc

What else can cause crank angle problems
It’s limp at 1500 rpm. After 1500 rpms full power all the way up to 9k vtec every ok

Driving and not being steady , I’m stump and went through my wires
Replace wires
Straight from dizzy to ecu NOTHING CHANGED

Played with timing back and forth one tooth and back to zero and NOTHING

........ anyone have suggestions what else I can do