92-95 Auto Trans in 90 DX?


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Howdy, I have a 90 Civic DX Hatchback that the auto trans is going out in, it refuses to shift into reverse most times, when the car is cold it struggles to shift into 3rd and when it does it grinds, and a recent addition is a whirring on decel that I assume is it trying to downshift back to 3rd. I put fresh trans fluid in it filled to the right lvl and it made no difference. Its my daily and I was wondering if a trans from a 92-95 civic would work since it also has the throttle arm for the cable from the intake or if it was too electrically different to work. also since they seem to be easier to find than 88-91 trannys.

So will a 92-95 trans work?
Should I just search for another 88-91 trans?
Should I try to have this one rebuilt?

Any help would be great