96 hatch project ls swapped

hows the build coming along

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Need some type of help from the dual port gurus

My car keeps shutting off when coming to a stop will stay running if I keep it reved past 1500 rpm if it shuts off takes a while to start back up have to hold the throttle all the way open in order for it to start don't think its the main relay because it clicks everytime any suggestions


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Hey guys been a while figured I'd stop in a show you guys some love lol......got a new daily

Stock single cam turbo d16y8
6 puck clutch
short shifter
3 inch full exhaust
braided feed and drain lines
braided clutch line
hks bov
10lb spring in wastegate
255 walboro fuel pump
running k20 injectors but have 440cc rc injectors
vtec controller
coilovers all around along with rear camber kit
bfgoodrich drag radials wrapped around 16x8 Rota off-road grids

So that's the basics I know I need to tune it for sure so until then I'm driving it very carefully and not going into boost


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So I just finished a nightmare of a un install...... whoever was the genius that called themselves "wiring" in the vafc hacked the f**k out of it I took my time and reconnected all the pins back correctly. They had a rediculous amount of connectors and shut on there. I was so upset when I saw that.





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Alright guys need some help here. I ordered a chip from phereable.net fir my set up. The first one they sent me would not turn the car on. I had to go somewhere for training and just got back home. They sent me a second chip free of charge. I plugged everything in and the car starts right up hits the 2 step and everything. So here's my problem. I go to drive the car and it hits 2 step while driving. I contact phereable and they tell me it has to do with my speed sensor. I don't know how because my speed sensor works perfectly fine. Also the check engine light is on. So I tried to do the jumper to read the codes on the p28 but the check engine light won't blink it just stays on constantly. Any ideas on wtf is going on. Thanks in advanced

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so the car's wired for OBD2, but you're running a p28 ECU? I'm not sure where you'd even jump to check the codes for that ECU. With such a hack wiring job from the prior owner, no telling if you're even trying to jump the correct wires. If it all started after you installed that chip, best guess it's the chip. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted


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We'll figure I'd give you guys an update finally got a k car. Been really busy working and getting my grown up life situated. Bought a house in the beginning of the year and now have 2 out of my 4 dream vehicles. One is a 2009 Dodge ram 2500 powerwagon. And the second of course is a ek hatch. Here's the mod list and some pictures for you guys.

*k20a2 ( 2002_2006 )
*ep3 housing z1 gears 4.3 final drive with lsd
*rdx 410cc injectors
*golden eagle fuel rail
* aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
*replica rcrew header
*2 1/2 inch stainless exhaust hytech twin loop
*rbc intake manifold with hondata thermal gasket
*short ram intake with velocity stack combo
*comp stage 3 clutch with type r flywheel
*koni yellow with ground control coil overs extended top hats
*380 front 350 rear (spring rate)
*stock civic si axles 36mm karcept hubs with extended lugs
*sand blasted powder coated suspension
*new wheel bearings ball joints all oem
*pic bushings
*all new bolts
*type r calipers all around
*mini rotors (non S) front rotors 2007 280mm
*ep3 rear rotors
*hawk HP plus brake pads
*17mm sway bar in rear ( gsr )
*ls front sway bar
*skunk2 camber kit rear
*mtech shifter spring kit ( in trans )
*brand new rsx shifter box and cables ( oem Honda )
*car star 2 way alarm 1 mile
*kpro v2
*oem wideband
*16 inch hytech resonator
*integra brake master

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