99 EX driver side window issue


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I’m tryin to get the driver side window to go up on a 99 civic coupe by applying power and ground directly to the window motor.

Anyone know which wires I need to apply power and ground to make the window go up?


No motor or engine harness in the vehicle. Chassis harness still in place and interior harness still in place. Plugged the ecu back in, reconnected the fuse box and gave power to the inner slot (like you would with a battery cable). Have do not have power going to the other location as that would be the engine harness (alternator spot).

I’d figured there would be a way to get the window to go up by giving direct 12v’s to the window regulator connector.

thanks in advance


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Service manuals are available in the link in my signature. Here is the page you are after.


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I’m sorry for being ignorant. I have no clue what im reading here.

is it saying, ground black and 12v to red and yellow ?