A/C belt part number? 33.62 or 32.96 inches? as well as the rivets for the HONDA emblem?


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hello everyone,
trying to install the a/c belt on my 95 Civic LX/MX.
I'm just curious what the part number is. I've seen people use K040330, which is 33.62 inches, and some people use 4pk0820, which is 32.96 inches, but which one is correct?

I bought one on amazon, and not sure about it, just want to iron-confirm before installing it.

and is there something like a rivets that go on the hood and the trunk for holding the HONDA emblem I can buy from?


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You should be able to use either as they are pretty close in length. The tension pulley has a lot of adjustment so you should be able to apply proper tension with either belt.

I Believe you are referencing the compression lock washers..