ahhhh need a few things cleared up for me on my zc swap


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ok, im planning on doing a zc swap, a few things i wanna know first, whats the difference, if any with the zc and the d16a8/9 as in size and fit? my main concern is clearance, i heard the zc doesnt clear the hood exactly, so if these 2 engines are different, will the d16a8 fit with no prob? oh i have an 89 dx hb btw. also am wondering if im going to buy a whole new exhaust? or will the stock exhaust pipes fit? the header is coming with the engine, so thats gonna be replaced anyway, just need to know if the rest of my stock exhaust will bolt on. hrmm, another question, how long do transmissions last in comparison to the engine? or will my stock tranny even fit? lol i think thats about it, sorry for the crap guys but im still learning =)