Android head unit. How to determine the correct CAN BUS Type


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I recently replaced the head unit of my 2012 Civic LX with an android head unit. Thus far it has worked out fairly well. However, often the iMid screen stays on even when the car is turned off. This is obviously causing my battery to drain when the car sits overnight. I've done some research on the internet and discovered that this is a problem that is often caused by having an incorrect CAN Type setting in the head unit. I had also found a You Tube video where showing how to change the setting. In the video they show you simply select the Make, Model, and year. However in my head unit there are dozens of "types" (i.e. Raise, SimpleSoft, Binary, etc) that I have to select from before I am able to select the Make Model and Year. I tried several different types, until I came to one that appeared to fix the problem. However the problem has returned, so that was obviously not the correct setting. I can keep going through the other options trying to find the correct one, but is there a way I can determine the actual CAN BUS type of my car?