Anti-Sway Bars & Strut tower braces necessary???


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Hey everyone. I'm planning to purchase a suspension setup in the coming weeks and I wanted everyones take on whether or not I should invest my money into anti-sway bars and strut tower braces? I was told by Ground Control that they wouldn't be necessary and I wouldn't feel a dramatic difference. What do you think?


Jay Jay

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It depends what you use your car for, and if you want to spend the extra cash on them. You could always get them later since they are fairly easy to put on.


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dude why dont you slap on a shock/spring setup first. see how you like it. see if you want something more/less extreme. going with a big swaybar is not always safe. you have to know what you're doing. yes it'll increase your handling but your rear end will slide and hit the wall if you're not careful.

strut bars are nice to have, whatever makes the frame more stiff is a plus. if you need help deciding what to lower your car with AIM me.