Antifreeze blowing out of the radiator cap


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The other day I went for 100 mile drive. As I was arriving at my location, I pulled off the freeway and immediately realized there was a problem. The car was sputtering and the temp gauge was buried in the red. I pulled over, let it cool down, then got it off the side of the road. Ever since that day, the coolant sprays out of the cap. I've replaced the thermostat. Made no difference. I replaced the cap. Made no difference. I top off the radiator, clean all the coolant off the top and surrounding areas then drive. When I stop. There's coolant all over the top of the radiator again. The thing is, it's not over heating. The temp gauge is staying in it's normal spot and there's no billowing steam coming from the radiator. I had the head gasket done 3 years ago but not sure that the guy had the head machined. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.