b18/b20 swap


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im thinking about doing a swap... i have a b18C1 and wanna get a B20 block. anyone have any advise for this kind of swap.. what else would i need to do this kinda swap.. any help is appricated..


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Do a lot of research, I don't know a lot about the b20v swaps but I do know it you want it reliable it would be Better to build your block and use all arp hardware and a decent tune I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong


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Get Tha b20 put a block guard on on it and put Tha b18 head on it that thing will move out

but i have the drive train from a acura ls 1.8 b18b1 i also have a b20 that i wanna switch over to the trans will it bolt in and what will i have to switch ...

12.8:1 Ls/vtec

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nothing the trans bolts right up

golden eagle LSVTEC kit

arp hardware

keep the redline within reason


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x2. And to elaborate on the hardware Arp head studs and Arp rod bolts. The rod bolts are the more important of the 2. You can do 8k with bolts safely. If you want to go higher use some aftermarket rods. you don't need a block guard. They are gimicky pieces.

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