Blox - Sport Shocks


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Anyone have any experience with the Sport Shocks, by Blox?

Was looking at the Skunk2 Sport Shocks, but Blox has theirs on sale for $140, which is a killer deal (if they're any good)...

I drive on rough roads, so i don't want anything too stiff.
would still go with the Skunk2 springs and camber arms.


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Just the shock? If you are looking for good performing shocks and budget. Check out the Koni's.


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I've had koni yellows before, and they're way too stiff for a daily.
No experience with the orange STR.T version, but they're spendy.

the blox set are on sale for less than one Koni yellow, or Bilstein (my preferred shock).

don't expect mutch, was just curious if anyone had tried them...
price is right for tryin.

Guess i can be the Guinea Pig :thumbs up