Body kit mounting


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so ok i will have o admit, i have a body kit to install on my 98 civic dx, which i plan have money set aside to boost soon (about 1460 dlollars so far need way more,) I m gonna mount it tomorow but i dont know wha to use, i have no original hardware from the oem body, so i need to go buy some , i want to know what is the best type of rivet or nut and bolt safe enought to put on a body kit for this car so it wont crack on me from stress ( body kit is fiberglass) and how would you go about mounting side skirts i have black widow ones

i know most people are with jdm, but any helo would be great


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no need to be ashamed man, jsut don't make it come out clean. i used some 3m tape to hold it up and dot the holes, then i drilled them out and re mounted. worked for me, give it a shot, lemme know taht happends, the great thing abotu fberglass is that you can fix it if you make a mistake.


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Can't wait to see some pics. I'm going to be going the way of the body kit too, eventually anyways. The only problem is to find something that's not ricey, something that really exagerates the look of your ride, and not one of those fucking big mouth or combat kits

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