Build help (need HP!)

Hello, I've been taking some time to think of my build for my civic, the issue is that its an LX submodel. I wanted to know what I could do to get some power in my 8thgen. It has 189,000 miles and is running completely fine. Should I do an engine swap if possible? or if a supercharger could help and if so where should I be looking to do that.
buy a faster car!!! haha i hate when guys say that too! especially mustang guys grrrr:( in all serious with the single cam d16y8 you cant pull out that much power without dumping boat loads of money into it. if you serious have the money to force induct it(supercharger,turbo,nitrous) i still would not consider it. factory stock turbo jettas will still be faster. if your serious about making honda civics FAST you have to swap to an acura engine such as the B18 or K24 if you want serious sleeper car power ever heard of an integra or RSX but lol thats a different forum haha. but your looking at $10,000 plus!!! are you not happy with just an intake and ebay exhaust? thats what i have. you should check out my honda on my utube channel motorjunkiematty

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