Camshaft Leaking after 4th Trip to Auto Repair Repeat Offender


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I have a 1995 Honda Civic (128K miles) that started leaking mid last year. Got the cam shaft repaired and everything was fine for a few months. Then leaking again. The warranty is good for a year so took it back to the same shop. Another 2 months goes by , starts leaking again, the cam shaft. I want to note that twice I took it to my tire/oil change place I use for initial second opinion and they found it to be leaking cam shaft as well. So it's been a total of 4 times I have taken it to the same shop to fix this leak. I am not losing oil but it's big enough spots ( tennis ball size a couple) and smells like oil burning while driving for a few.
The last time was almost 2 months ago I got it re-fixed and they said they put "Honda bondo" around seal so should do the job ( why this wasn't done initially not sure). Can anyone tell me what they are doing wrong? What should I do as the owner? I love this car ( original owner) and want to keep her another year before donating and buying something new next year. Thank you for any help/suggestions what's being done wrong or what questions to ask.:D:redcar: