Car Idles at 400 rpm loses power when pushed up to high speeds


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Ive been trying to fix this for the longest time its really hard to explain this but ill try my best. On cold start the car drives fine once its warmed the idle will drop from idling at around 800 rpm to 300 to 400 rpm and the engine sounds almost like its cammed. After driving for a while or pushing the car like that the car eventually just loses power and hesitates when accelerating from first gear you can hear it. It goes away when you turn the car off and back on then will comes back after driving the car for a little bit or driving fast again. Ive changed the fuel filter changed the pcv valve and the pcv hose as both of them were bad I have a new distributor cap plugs and wires, and the IACV has been cleaned along with the throttle body. It only sometimes gives a CEL and with the connector jumped the cel just flashes once over and over so I assumed that was code 1 02A so I changed the 02 sensor as well and still hasnt fixed it. Oh and ive adjusted the ignition timing. Does anyone know what could be causing this?


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Sounds like you have a vacuum leak somewhere.