Civic VX From the Dead:


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Hello everyone, before getting underway I'm Dave and I would like to introduce myself to the Forum.

After having my 1994 Honda Civic VX sitting in my backyard for over a year, I was able to gather the funds to get it up and running...or at least that's the idea.

The best thing that I appeared to have going for me was that the needle on the gas tank was past empty, which I would have thought to have mitigated the annoyance of having stale gas in the fuel line.

I started out by giving the car a complete tune-up, including new wires, spark plugs ,cap and rotor, followed by a new distributor, given that the old one was leaking oil like a siv.

Finally, I added 1 gallon of fresh gas; but the car still won't turn over. I've then recalled that the fuel pump was bad and that it' will to need to be replaced.

Prior to installing the new fuel pump, my question is if whether or not I should drain the tank, or drop it from the car put it simply, can I just install the new fuel pump and fill the tank with fresh gas?


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I would get some fuel stabilizer, add that to another gallon or so of non ethanol fuel, or siphon out the fuel and replace with a few gallons of non ethanol.


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I was able to determine the cause of my problem. For starters, I had no reason to look under my dash, with the exception of the occasional buzz fuse.

With that in mind, I discovered that the ground wire had been severed by the previous owner and twisted back together. I can't understand why anyone would do this; but evidently, the wire came undone. It's now been properly soldered back together and the car turns over without issues.