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What's up ClubCivic,

I was in need of some help with my clifford alarm first thing is my lock/unlock doesn't work. So I went under my steering column and up towards the fuse box and checked the brain it was okay no burnt fuses and then I found my lock/unlock relay and it was burnt and toasted. So I went to a alarm shop and bought a new one and new actuators cause I think my was broken. Then installed the new relay and now my remote will not send any response to the brain I can press lock/unlock and nothing happens now. No flashing my alarm doesn't even make any sound now.

Any help will be appreciated and if anybody has had a similar or same issue please let me know what you did to fix the problem. Also pictures would be awesome


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Sounds like you fried the brain to the alarm some how. Perhaps a shoddy install and one of the wires grounded out. Would also explain the fried relay.

Pictures of what, exactly?

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That's was a accident lol but I pulled the brain out and looked at all the wires and the inside of the brain nothing's burnt or blown out

Also if I buy a new brain and install it do I have to program my remote again and do I have to use the exact same brain as I have already. If I buy a different brain will it work I have a clifford 20.5x and can't find replacement can I use 70.5x or will change things like I need a new remote and wire etc.
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Hi again

Do you know what color wires are connected to the horn assembly. Also what wires to tap into for the horn to work for the removal steering wheels.

95 Honda civic DX thanks