"Clunk" when engaging transmission.


Before I purchase a new intermediate shaft I would love some input from my fellow honda modders.

I have a 1991 si with a b18b1 block and a ys1 tranny. The half shaft and intermediate shaft are 94-01 integra, i replaced the axles when I bought it but never bothered with the int shaft because i figured what could go wrong with it?

So the problem is, whenever I begin to drive, I hear a knock or a clunk. Same goes for when I stop, usually at harder stops. It also makes a similar noise while turning, its not a constant knocking, just once when i begin the turn, almost sounds like binding.

Jacked up i can rotate the tire about an inch before it engages the tranny, and when it hits the engagement spot i can hear the clunk. The half shaft and int shaft seem to connect just fine. Other than some in and out play.

So i guess my question is... is it more probable that the splines on the int shaft are worn or the splines in the tranny? When I replaced the axles I did take a look, but it was a while ago and it didnt seem to have and major damage to the teeth.

As for performance, it lacks power. When i step on it in 2nd or 3rd it wants to go but i feel, and sometimes hear it slip. I have tried testing the clutch to see if thats slipping but it seems fine. I could be way off but who knows.

If anyone does have any input or ideas on what exactly i should be looking for here i would greatly appreciate it. I could also take a video of it too if that would help.