Custom Interior Designs

Michael Westen

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So I just bought an 03 si. Got a b18 spoon but the interior looks like crap. I cant seem to get google to send me to any custom interior sites. I want to get the shifter and dashboard center/console black with neon blue accents. maybe the pedals too. Anyone know of a reasonably priced website that offers this?


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It would be very costly and illogical to spend more money to ship your parts over and back to a company just for custom interior work. Start researching custom shops within a desirable driving distance. Check out their recent work on other cars. Any respectable custom shop will have pictures if not cars on the premises with their work in them.

Michael Westen

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I might have to. I was hoping there would be some that were premanufactured to fit my car. all I see is chrome and wood grain kits(not my style). Closest shop good enough is 5 hours away.