D-series turbo (450hp) goals


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New to this site. Not new to engines. The motors I like from a design point: D15b, B16a2, B18c5, H22a4. The motor i want to build, because it's unorthodox, a D16a6 (steel mains) with P08 head/low compression pistons (at least 9.0:1). I want a smaller turbo that doesn't spool long. I expect to use either the D15b JDM cam or a bisimoto 2.4 with springs. All the normal stuff. ARP head studs, ARP main studs (even if I have to make a kit for a B series work) and a D16z6 intake with a large throttle body. I know to get somewhere in the 750cc range for injectors. I know to send the p08 head out for port and polish. 3 way valve job. Undercut turbo valves. Might hit +1mm just for more air movement. I know I need a p28 ecu... Can I hit these power goals with lower grade octane? I'm wanting a conservative tune so I don't blow my head gasket with the wrong grade at the pump fill up. As long as I'm in at 400hp, I'll be fine with it.

Which kind of turbo is best for this? And I expect an air-to-liquid intercooler setup. Which hondata system is good for this? I'm expecting an ex/Si manual for it. BTW I know the a6 isn't VTEC and the p08 head is. Mini me. Or is it best to just go full D16z6?