D15b block with P08-1 head with D16Y8 ecu


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So here's my situation I busted the original engine on my 97 civic ex. In a rush to get it fixed I bought an engine with a D15b block and a P08-1 head. A friend who was going to swap the engines for me said that the D15BY8 would fit and work in my car. So we did the swap the car runs but I have a check engine light with 3 codes P1337, P1259, and P0325. The car still has the original parts like dizzy, alter, a/c compress, ECU and Harness. Please tell me everything I need to change, replace, add or remove in order to get the car running right. The car does not have good accelertion after a stop, it feels like its gonna stall, it has no power when going up a hill, rpms fluctuate. All my friend did was swap the engines. He was going to help fix everything else but moved out of state and i cant get a hold of him. So I need major assistance for ever1 and any1 who can help.

Thanks in advance to every1 who will help from your time, knowledge, and expertise.