D16y7 Head Swap to D16z6...Help!!!

i have a 1993 Ex coupe, it would normaly have a D16z6 engine in it but when i bought the car (2 owners later) it now has a 99 D16y7 engine in it (non-vtec as its the 99 DX model) with all the rain down here in miami the past week you can imagine i now hate my cold air intake becuase my car used it like a straw and yea so long story short water in moter engine hydro locked...not good my mechanic said the bottom half of the motor should be fine but in the event may need a new motor and may need to a new head and some other things....QUESTION: what is everything i need to change my head from D16y7 to a z6 Head? keep in mind:

my car is a 93 coupe not a 99 so the engine is hooked up to a OBD1 harness
i have a p28 ecu, a 1.6 manual distributor taken off a del sol a 1.6 starter and yea i cant think of anything else that would be diff or need to be changed but basicaly everything on the car is for a 92-95 engine except the engine it self so...with that said all i know so far is i need the z6 head which i found and i belive i need somthing else to hook up the vtec??? so any thought anything i know alot of ppl r gona tell me to google it but everything i google is in a 99 civic i dont have a 99 i have a 93 so please keep that in mind. thanks in advance