d16y7 im swap options?


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I was wondering what my options were to replace my intake, intake manifold, and throttle body. I was planning to buy a skunk2 im, and was wondering if it was possible to put a b series throttle body on one. Im hoping to install a j's racing intake, or probably the cf password jdm intake. Any recommendations? I'm not sure if it is possible to bolt up a b series tb to a d series im, but i did hear it was possible. Any clarification on that?


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All D / B / H throttle bodies are interchangeable. I believe the ITR one is the largest at 62mm compared to your 52mm or so. A skunk2 intake manifold is only helpful if you've done engine modifications, this isnt just off the top of my head - its been proven. You could go with an edelbrock, venom, etc, but Id recommend staying Honda and upgrading the "type-r" of d-series manifolds, which is the d16y8. With this and a B / H throttle body, youll notice some nice gains, so id definetaly go that route.