D17a2 build help


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Wanting to build my civic a little for fun and agood time not looking for massive perofrmance obviously its a 03 D17a2 this is all a fun project to me got $1800 at the moment and im looking for a good turbo for this engine with stock internals looking for a stage 1 cam aswell so any recommendations or guides would be great probably justgoing to get a cast mani already have a catback exhaust needs a CAI but thats easy

LTDR; Looking for guides and recommendations for this engine and a good turbo/intercooler etc little budget project
also can no longer find crowler stage 1 cam so i am currently looking for a different one please let me know

bought this car a month ago and just now getting into researching
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You picked the wrong generation of Civic....mod support for the 7th gen Civic with the one off D17a is nearly non existant.