DIY: 6th gen Civic Fog lights HID install without cutting housing.


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Hello everyone.

Here is a little DIY, a really quick one just to help out with harness fitting through the housing of your Fog lights without cutting them up!

First of all you gotta remove the front bumper and also the housing caps:

Remove the rear cap, and also the positive plug from the original bulb (this is an old pic):

Place HID bulb and tape its harness as shown below (this will help you protect the harness and also keep the special sealing glue):

Now from all 4 screws, you might replace only 3. One of the screws will not be used as you will pass the harness between the housing and the cap where it would be placed the 4th screw:

Yeap... One of the sides will be left with a space... that's when you add sealant to it!
Now just add silicone sealant on the parts that will be spaced (open), and let it dry (it is not as messy as it looks... Picture below sucks):

Now put everything back and you're done!

This is the picture with the old Hallogen Bulb:

This is the picture of the final product:

Hope this helps someone...

See ya'll

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