Drove through deep puddle- need advice


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Drove through a deep puddle the other day( I know this is a bad idea...thus is a seasonal puddle that I have driven through many times with no issue...still dumb on my part). Anyways afterwards engine was running rough and check engine light turned on. Read codes and they were all for misfires. It was the end of the day, so I had to leave my car where it was and come back later. Started the engine, and it started up with no problem. Idled fine while in neutral. As soon as I put it in gear, it loses power, engine struggles and dies. I have a short ram air filter, which I checked to see if it was wet and had possibly sucked in water. Seemed dry - no moisture inside or on throttle body. Codes for misfires came up again...I believe misfires on 3 cylinders, plus 2 codes for multiple misfires.

Any suggestions on things to check, or things to do after a situation like mine would be appreciated.



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Pull the spark plugs and see what they look like. If you hydrolocked the motor, you are in bad shape, been there, done that. Hydrolocking the engine can cause all kinds of issues, from bend connecting rods to a lifted cylinder head. Water does not compress.