ECU and tuning app


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i am planning to get an upgraded ECU for my civic. it will be used for tuning gear ratio, electronic distribution and most importantly the fuel economy after i had a Chaos fuel-saver pump with control switch..what's the best option?

And where do i get the tuning/dyno app (and whatever else is needed, wires, bolts, etc.) for my laptop? is it available online or what? i want to do the diagnosis and tuning myself...thanks and much love to all the Civics out there!


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im going to say that you shouldn't be messing with the tuning process yet..i only say this because you are still asking questions about it..tuning is a very important step that shouldn't be messed with since a few things can lead to big problems


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Better add a wideban to the list of goodies other wise you are just guessing.


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wtf is a Chaos fuel saver pump? Like leans the f**k out of it like a lean burn mode?