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Hi chaps hoping someone can help me out here.

So i picked up a very cheap 2009 type s off a mate who off to the army. He lost all the keys so got a locksmith out hr managed to cut a key but the car wont start (green flashing key) due to immobilizer. The 2 options im thinking of are.
1. Local locksmith ive found says he has a couple machines with honda software, my only concern is the first locksmith couldnt do the job.

2. Buy an ecu with key and fuse boxes ofg ebay and fit myself. Has anyone done this and will the fuse boxes need changed over as the ones ive seen on ebay come with them and also ignition barrel ect. (Could i take the chip out the key that comes with ecu and fit in the key i currently have to save changing ignition barrel and door lock.


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I'd go to the local dealership and pay to have at least ONE OEM key that works right.
That's going to be the least amount of headache.