EJ9 Rear Speakers not working.


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Hi, i recently bought a 2000 EJ9. For a unknown reason the rear speakers do not work. I have tested them with a battery and they did seem to work with that. The connectors don't seem rusted/tarnished. The other 4 speakers up front work perfectly. So do i gotta take out the entire interior and search on the harness or could there be something else? I will note the central lock is broken too so im wondering if its a separate thing or a wire harness has been damaged somewhere and those 2 issues could be linked together. From what i have seen when i took of the door panels its already been an issue since the driver side has a aftermarket piston thing to move the actual lock, so im wondering if its been f**ked for very long and the previous owner ignored it. And just remembered that sometimes when i drive over bumps the speakers will kick on for a sec.