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1. NRG H-Brace-nearly eliminates wheel hop. i have one on my car already. it's an extra. SOLD
2. OEM Honda Si Lip-could use a lil love
3. CTR Style rear lip for 96-00-Has "custom" brackets to help hold up the commonly heard of saggy midsection
4. Light grey front and rear seats-good condish, only one small cig burn on rear seat
5. TDO4HL DSM turbo-500 miles, NO shaft play, perfect condish with O2 housing and O2 sensor
6. JVC 6-CD changer with metal bracketry to mount in the trunk-works amazing, just use the iPod now though
7. Small (very small) intercooler- It'll do the job for a DSM turbo
8. T3 flanged cast iron D series turbo manifold with 38mm elbow for external wastegate-A/C compatible!
9. 96-98 cupholders-for those who want to relocate a stereo to above the cupholders
10. S20 hydro trans with shift linkage-gets into all gears just fine, no grinds that I've noticed
11. Sony Xplod 6X9's-one has a loose tweeter and shorts out each time the bass hits, maybe you can fix it
12. Gauge cluster bezel-black OEM trim that I replaced with CTR CF one
13. Gauge cluster plastic cover-The clear thing that keeps you from touching the actual cluster
14. GReddy C.A.R.B. legal sticker for TURBO- looks uber real with a plexiglass cover that just might save you from the pigs cuz we all know your homemade kit is nowhere near legal SOLD to oddeb707
15. OEM Honda 99-00 Red/clear tail lights-Goin retro and rockin the 96-98 style everything, keepin it true like NOFX
Questions, pic requests, etc. Put em down or PM me. GO!:twisted:
how much for the si lip shipped to 15545 and can I get a pic plz

and the tail lights?


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so weird, i was thinkin of calling greddy for one of those CARB plates for my future turbo build. pm me price and pic sir.


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C.A.R.B. thingy
Plexiglass(clear but has blue tape to protect it because it's never been used)
$15 shipped to you sir.

Bracketry I spoke of
And that'd be $60 for the lip and $30 for the cupholders+shipping. I'd have to check on the lip because it's an awkward shape. But probably like $40ish for total shipping.
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