F/S: 7th Gen Civic Special Edition OEM 6-Disc/MP3 changer

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Alright, here's the deal. My wife's 2005 Civic LX Sedan is getting a little sound system put in and the first thing to go is the CD player so that I will have full control of all the EQ, time alignment, and phasing up front. I usually hang on to stock decks to put back in a car when I'm selling it, but since this one is special I thought I might be able to get a little bit of $ back out of it. It recently sold on e-bay for $202+shipping.

I don't know where to start with an asking price, but let's just say $200 shipped OBO. I'll likely put it on e-bay b/c I doubt there'd be much of a demand for it with this crowd. ;)

I know this is my first post here, but honestly, I signed up to try to sale this. I've been floating on this forum for the past couple months just looking at other people's installs to get an idea of what I'm going to do in hers. Just signed up today b/c selling a civic radio on a civic forum makes sense. ;)

As for references... here you go:

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