FAQ Integra Cluster Into EG. Lots of Pix!


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OK guys I felt Guilty for not living up to my word about the write up. So i decided to finish it up.

Once again. I am not responsible for any harm you may cause to your self by doing this project. Nor am i responsible for any mistakes you have made. this write up is for Information only and gives you a general idea how to do the cluster swap. Im in any way shape or form responsible for what you do to your car.

Sorry for that ^^^^^ ive had some dumbasses PM me saying they were gonna take me to court because I guess i did not post up enough details about a write up and it cause his engine to blow... sorry not my fault. ATTEMPT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Here is my ITR gauge cluster picked it up from Import Auto Salvage.

Step 1. Remove the 3 Screws Holding On the Faux carbon bezel and plastic.

Step 2. take a flat head and GENTLY pry the faux carbon bezel off to seperate it from the gauges.

Step 3. Remove the Clear Plastic from the faux carbon bezel.

Step 4. I removed my Cluster/heating plastic from my EG to test fit how i want the cluster to look in there.

Step 5 I measured the ITR cluster. First from its furthest point out at 6"... Next i measured from the Clear Plastic to the backing. and it was just a Hair over 4.5"

Step 6. I measured my stock EG Cluster and it measured just a little under the 4.5" mark

Step 7. Now its time to bust out the best damn tool ever. The DREMEL =) . i used the standard cutoff disc. First i Cut off the Pointed tab on the ITR cluster.

Step 8. Now i took some Electric Tape and went around the entire Bezel with it just to be sure to get a nice straight cut. and then i cut along the line of the Tape. this is what you should have n the end.

Step 9. Grap ur Civic Cluster/heating trim. now if u look in the pic i only removed about an 1/8" all the way around the trim. You maybe wondering WTF am i doing right? well ull see why i did this in the End.

Step 10. Now i forgot to take a couple pix right here but ull get the point. First i cut off the Integra dash mounting points on left and right side of the cluster. Again in know your saying WTF. just wait =).... NOTE: Just remove the cluster mounts. do not go any further into the cluster.

Step 11. Now Cut your stock EG cluster mounts off. Please try to make them nice and straight!

Step 12. I found his stuff at a local hardware store. its a Super putty. its like plasticsteel or something. i found it in the JB weld/adhesive aisle. its just a 2 1/2 tube. you gotta cut a piece off and rub them together and then put it on what u want to attach. This s**t is no JOKE. it does feel like straight concrete when it drys.

Ok anyways. now look where you cut your integra cluster mounts. Now line up One of the EG dash mounts with the area that is cut and apply some of the putty to it and test fit it in the car to be sure that mount is maintaining a nice stock angle.

Now do the same on the opposite side with the EG cluster mount attached to the ITR cluster.

Now it should look like this after about 10 mins of curing. and its hard as a rock now.

Step 13. Now install the cluster to be sure it fits and has a nice angle. I deceded not to do the plexiglass trim since i will be tackling the S2000 cluster very soon. and put ur dash trim on and see how it will look. LOOK AT THAT HOTNESS!!!! Perfectly centered in the dash you can see all the gauges none are cut off what so ever. this is why i removed that 1/8" of the the Dash trim ;)

Step 14. Now its time to do the wiring. sorry i do not have pix of the wiring. It is very straight forward tho. I used Male and female Spade connectors that are insulated so no need for nasty tape =)

And There you Have it Guys..

This has been a JDMLyfeStyle Write up. Have a fun with this mod.