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Ok, here's the specs of my car: 95 EX coupe all stock suspension, not lowered maybe raised(IDK, as I've never touched my suspension). Using 15x100 rims. So here's the back story. A few weeks ago I was using 195/50R15s all the way around. They all have thread(not wire) showing on the inner side of the wheel. One tire finally popped while driving because of a f***ed up alignment.

A couple days ago, I was receiving two new tires for free. I took off all four tires and found out that one of my other tires also has a screw in it(Yes, I know about patching, but the new tires are in excellent condition). So I remounted those two bad tires with new ones and put them on the back since the new ones are 225/50R15. they seem to have no problem at all on the rear, just look different.

After one day of driving, I went to go check out the tires and now my driver side front tire(which is still a 195/50R15) is showing wire. I know it's because I need an alignment because the car pulls hard to one side. I don't think they will last long but I can get two more free tires. Sized at 195/65R15. My question is(and sorry for the long read), is will those two 195/65R15s fit up front without messing with my turning radius? Thanks in advance. More info, no job, no money, no way to get money. On that first drive the other day, after about 30 miles of driving, my car started to act funny. People are telling me it's a tie rod, or a bearing, or something else. So the could be the issue of alignment.


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195/65's will work. But you shouldn't be using different size tires. Ideally, all 4 tires should be the same size. It's okay if the front's differ from the rears, but you shouldn't have different tires side to side.

Sounds like your alignment is off. If it was a wheel bearing, you should hear some sort of a "wubwubwub" noise when turning. Whichever way you turn and hear the noise, the wheel receiving the load has the bad bearing.

But 1 question - why have you been driving like this if you knew something was bad? If your tires went down to showing thread that fast, your car should be in the shop A.S.A.P. That's not safe.