fixing hood chips


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so I bought touch up paint from honda (unfortunately not in the "pen" kind) and this other stuff you put on after the paint dries, to remove excess paint. I've fixed most of them, and some look so good I don't even remember if a spot was ever chipped. But there are these two stupid chips, that were bigger than the rest, that I can't seem to fix. I've tried twice, and they look much better (they were pretty deep chips) but theyre still there, and noticeable. No one else has noticed them at all, but since it's MY car, I notice it and it drives me crazy. Basically, is there a different method I should try, or should I keep applying the touch paint to fill up the chip until it goes away?


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I wouldnt use paint. Itll take forever, and it wont look right. Try using some kind of scratch remover. If the chips/scratches arent too deep, then itll work. If not, either live with the chips in the hood, or use some kind of bondo/body filler. But then of course, your going to need to sand it down, and repaint it. Or, get a new hood. Unless theres another way of fixing the chips that Im unaware of. :what: But if Im wrong, someone please correct me.