Formula Drift 2014 - Round 4 Gaunlet - Wall, NJ

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So I stole the gf's camera - Rebel T3 with the crappy stock EF-S 18-55mm lens and tried to just practice shooting some of the action from the stands.

Now quite sure how to get the shots right, I've never really gotten into action shooting, but I'd sure love to. Obviously the pros are pros for a reason, their shots make you feel like you caught a glimpse of the actually action happening right there. I think mine just look like someone place a car there and painted some smoke behind it.

So I was really just playing with Auto for a bit, which was stupid, I was really just trying to track the cars moving around.

I then took it to Shutter Priority and set AF to AI Servo and put my shutter speed around 100-300 based on where they were on the track. I feel like it made the shots a little more dynamic, but still missing something to make them decent...

Walk around:

Think I saw the Napoleon Dynamite actor signing autographs

I think my problem is I don't have the proximity. I need to be one of those yellow shirt guys :lol: A lens hood may also help with the color washing out...

Any feedback is welcomed / encouraged, just back it up please. I'd like to learn.