Front bumper uneven/ sticking out help


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I am new to this site and i am hoping this is under the right category and all the images work. But on my 97 LX, the passenger side of the bumper is pushed in and is popping out near the middle of the light. The driver side is perfectly fine. I have never crashed the car into anything to cause this. i moved the wheel well plastic and the bar supporting it is a little off. I do not want to take off the bumper and risk messing something up and i can not get enough room to bend the support bar. Any ideas?

Looking back to see the difference

Looking up

Where it is sticking out

Where it is sticking out and then going into the light

The gap between my bumper and the hood (probably unrelated but open to ideas on hyow to fix)


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It's not a big deal to take the plastic bumper cover off if you can't fix it while on and fiddling with the misaligned corner.

You might be able to correct the gap between the hood and front grille by opening the hood and adjusting the hood rest stopper, which can twist up and down to fine tune the height the hood rests at when fully closed.

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I thought more held on the bumper. I took it off and bent the arm and its almost perfect, I already had the hood rest stopper as far down as possible without it wobbling. Thanks for the diagram though, helps out alot