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Hey guys! I haven't been on here in a long time, and that's because I've pretty much lost time/interest to modify cars, now I just fix them when problems arise. A while back I was planning on boosting my Civic, though, so I bought almost everything, plus a few extras. The only things that I didn't get were a wastegate and a boost controller. Anyway, so now I have a ton of parts, and I am in absolutely no rush to sell them. But, they're just doing nothing sitting in a closet, and I figured it would be better if you guys had them, and I had more money!

I'm open to all offers, but like I said, I'm in no rush to sell anything, so don't expect me to go crazy. Most prices on here are pretty firm.

Post or PM me with any offer, or if you'd like a shipping quote on anything.

Anyway, here is the full list of parts I'm selling:

Turbo w/ oil line - Only used for 50 miles! I bought it from a friend whose turbo build went south quickly (motor blew), but there's nothing wrong with the turbo, and it's practically brand new.
Garrett T3/T04E 50 Trim .48 A/R
$425 + shipping

ARP Head Studs for D16Y (new in box) - SOLD

Piping for D16 - used for only 50 miles (see above)
-Dump Tube
$250 + shipping

GReddy Blow-Off Valve (lightly used)
$150 + shipping

Chipped P28 ECU with conversion wiring (Xenocron) - SOLD

eBay Catch Can (new)
$15 + shipping

eBay Oil Restrictor (new)
$10 + shipping

Omni Power 4 Bar MAP Sensor (new)
$85 + shipping

Siemens Deka 730cc Injectors (lightly used)
$100 + shipping

eBay Intercooler + Charge Piping + BOV (new)
This comes as a set. If you really want to, you can buy the eBay BOV separately, send me an offer.
$175 + shipping

Blox Vacuum Manifold (new)
$30 + shipping

Glowshift Gauges (new in box)
-Oil Pressure (GS-C704)
-Air/Fuel Ratio (GS-C702)
-Oil Temp (GS-C707)
-Water Temp (GS-C706)
$40 ea. + shipping

Glowshift A-pillar mounting pod (new)
$20 + shipping

Glowshift Gauge cluster mounting pod (new)
$30 + shipping

Black OEM Sixth Generation Grille - Paint is not perfect, but good
$25 + shipping



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bump to bad its not tax return time


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I'd take the whole kit if I had the extra cash, I'm looking to boost my D
Well I hope you do get some cash. I'm sure I'll have stuff on here for a while. Good luck!

if i can ever sell my spoon* f/r strut bars i am going to get ecu & harness

* for 92-96 honda prelude not civic
Sounds good. Looks like we've all got things to sell.

what brand is manifold and downpipe?
To be honest, I'm not sure. I'd have to contact the person who sold them to me. They have no branding on them. IMO, a pipe is a pipe as long as it's the right diameter, thickness, shape, and material. If you're looking for something that will do the job reliably at a great price, these are for you. If you're looking for something that will dazzle people when you open the hood, these are not for you.
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