FS: K20/K24 Turbo Parts (New)

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Hello All,

I am selling the following parts because I decided to go N/A on my project. Everything is brand new still in the box. The prices in parenthesis is what I paid. The prices include shipping:

Garrett GTX3582R Turbo Charger and Turbine Housing (T4) 1.06 A/R w/ v-band style exhaust housing - $1,830 ($2,139)

Skunk 2 stage 2 version 3 - $575 ($689)

900HP Garrett High Density Intercooler Core w/ATP Cast End Tanks - $620 ($688)

CP Pistons 9.0:1 (89mm) - $510 ($560)


So what's the plan, then?
Well, I was pricing out a lot of things to complete the build but the transmission alone is going to cost me over $4k to get it forged. The axles alone would cost me over $2k, the clutch and flywheel is another $1,100. If I sell these parts and go N/A, I don't have to beef up the transmission or get ultra heavy duty axels. Also, my clutch doesn't have to be that strong so cost is lower.

I am confident that with some 13.0:1 or a bit higher compression pistons with some stage three cams should get me in the 300's N/A with this 2.45L K24. Honestly, it's really up in the air. No one has been offering to buy anything so I may just finish it as an FI car but it'll take me longer because of the bigger expense on the drivetrain. We'll see.

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