FS... Lots of body kits

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FIRST OF ALL I’m not a DEALER / SUPLIER or Distributor of any kind just a regular joe that has stuff for sale

well for sale is a lot of rear bumper / front bumpers / sets (front back sides)

prices vary from $125 all the way up too $750

i just bought out a store and i'm blowing them out

cars that i have bumpers/sets for

eclipse (95-99)
accord (98-02)
civic (92-95 / 96-00 / 02-05 si)
cavalier (95-02 / 03-05 )
prelude (97-01)
sentra (00-05)
integra (90-93/94-01)
Del Sol (93-97)
RSX (02-04)
CRV (97-01)

99% of these bumpers are brand new (i took them out of the wrapings to make pictures and to mark the make and style and year)

too view the list, pics and prices of these bumpers/sets Please Email me at accordexi@hotmail.com

Please specify wich car you would like to see


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MugenShox said:
dang... bought the whole freakin store didnt you??!! GL

any spoon fronts?`
yes the whole store ...
and no at least i dont think so ...
can you send me a pic of how it looks maybe i can go throught the bumpers i dont know what they are and figure it out... the ones that are misc ... 95% are marked and the other 5% isn't ... :(


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Give me some pics/prices for a 96 Civic Sedan, just the front body kit please. Email is tylerpaul17@hotmail.com

Im looking for something squarish, so try to work with that, thanks.
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