Fully Built R18A1 *World First*

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Very nice!!!

How much has this run you, this is exactly how i want to go with my civc, i saw something like this on Honda Tunning's website but looks like you had a better personal toch to it.


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This is so awsome.. i have a few question tho, how much does it rev? very curious to know what the stock oil pump can do.. and what was the work on the valvetrain? i saw you had "custom" springs and retainers, im not familliar with customised valvetrain and im wondering what did you actually do to make it work.. also you said you were debating using an go power cam, was it installed or not on the final dyno run you posted? id also like to know where you got that lsd and final drive! thats so cool :p.. oh and btw if you dont have a cam skunk2 just released one!.. from what i can see all theres left to be upgraded would be the tb, but from what i can see no brand as an upgrade for it yet.. so i guess this is as complete an r18 built can be for now! its pretty impressive numbers considering its sohc and slow revving.. imagine if you could push it to 8500rpm O.o or even using an r20 bottom end (same bore, diffenrent stroke)


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Op hasnt replied in 2 years. I think you may be on your own on this one.
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