Going to buy a 99 Honda Civic Hatch


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Hi, I’m going to check out this civic that i really like. It’ll be my first car since I’m 18. I would like to know what should I look out for when buying one of these cars and what I should check and make sure the car is in good condition. https://offerup.co/1VRA4by0eX this is the car that I’ve been looking at. What should i look out for under the car, in the engine bay, etc. I really appreciate any answers and advice I get, thank you!



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What, if anything has been modified?
How many miles on it, timing belt/water pump done?
Any rust or rot in the rear quarters or rockers?

I just looked at the ad, right off the bat it sounds like it might need a new cluster?

I'd check on the above mentioned and offer $1700 for it, you can always go up if you need to.


pictures look good but 142k and its stuck there so obviously has more than that. rims exhaust and possibly 500 dollar coilovers for 2500 seems a little much. its basically a bone stock civic with over 150k with coilovers. outside of that as mentioned by baker check for rust and ask about the timing and water pump information. how does the clutch feel? if it comes almost all the way out before it engages it could possibly be up for a clutch. the clutches usually last a while on these but you never knows as its also based on the owner.