good deal or what?


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That's not a bad price... you'd have to go inspect it and make sure there's no big deal breakers. I might get it if I had 3k.


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make sure you check if its a jdm motor or not... that looks like a jdm intake (i may be mistaken) but if its jdm you may not be able to smog or bar it in some states! b18c1 or b18c5 = usdm (good) b18c= jdm (may not be best depending on where u live

EG Hatch

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Problem is that you don't know if it really has those internal parts or not. Not like he is going to let you tear the engine apart. If it runs good, no burning oil, etc... assume it is just a GSR.


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ya im not expecting it to have itr internals, but hey if it does then awesome.....but im in the process of trying to sell my dirt bike to have the rest of the cash to buy


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Change of plans looks like I'm going to be picking up this baby Tuesday

Ok im have no other choice but to sell my project.. Funds have dried up and can no longer finish. It has a BRAND 96 full gsr swap less than 22k on motor. Brand new type r tranny. All from hmo. Full ground control suspension
Tru-timing adjustable cam gears
Has mild cam
Engine gas been blue printed and re-mapped good compression on all cylenders.
Full skunk 2 exhaust
Dc sport 4-2-1 header.
Stmped dc strut tower bar.

Either the engine harness is crap or the ecu s**t out on me. Car will crank but wont stay cranked due to running extremely rich. Best guess is ecu. Either/or it is a very simple fix just have to no what your plugging s**t into.
No you cannot drive it home dont ask. Bring trailor.

Im asking 2000 FIRM!

Tell me what you think and if it's legit