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DIY Guide – Heat Wrapping your exhaust manifold

Since we at Mishimoto love to see our customers happy, we wanted to show you how to wrap an exhaust manifold with our new Mishimoto Exhaust Wrap. Click the link to see what the wrap can do for you!

The manifold we are wrapping today is a 4-1, 2 piece, Honda D16 (4 cylinder) header.

Step #1 – Cleaning and Preparation

Clean off any and all dirt, oils, or anything else that may have made it’s way onto the surface. We sprayed it down with Simple Green, cleaned it, and then wiped it down with a cloth and Brakleen.

Step #2 – Starting the Wrap

We started with the downpipe first. Unroll about 2 feet or so and make the first wrap. Put some zip ties on it to prevent the wrap from moving.

Step #3 – Wrapping

Begin to wrap tightly around the exhaust piece while pulling on the wrap itself.

*Remember to continually pull on the wrap to keep it tight!

**Make sure you over lap about a ½”**

When you get to a bend, you must pull the wrap in order to get any creases, overlaps, and folds out!

**We found it would be easier to wrap while the o2 sensor was installed. This prevented us from getting any of the wrap stuck in the threads.

Apply zip ties to hold it in place. Almost done!

Step #4 – Finishing the Wrap

Take a steel tie, put it around where you started wrapping.

Now, get a buddy to help. Hold the silver piece, and pull on the black steel to tighten the tie. We used pliers to do this. Once tightened, fold the extra back over the silver piece and then push the metal “clips” down to hold everything in place.

Now repeat step #4 where the wrap ends (at the other side of the exhaust piece). Cut off the extra that’s left over.

Done the downpipe!

Step #5

Now, repeat steps #1-4 for the upper piece. Remember to keep it tight! The more bends the manifold has, the more of a chance a fold, or flap can develop! We found it was easier to unroll the remaining wrap and pull it all through with each pass.

Pulling the wrap through:

Try to do as much wrapping as possible without stopping. We chose to go down runner #4, and up runner #3 and cut. Then, a separate piece going down runner #2 and coming up #1. This was the preferred method rather than wrapping each runner, then cutting when we got to the end. Not mention, you would probably run out of the steel ties, too.

Both #3 and #4 runners wrapped, and tied.

Now, begin wrapping the remaining runners of the manifold the same way.

Manifold is now done!

We then bolted the two pieces together and we were finished! Here are some pictures of the final product.

Be sure to check out our Mishimoto Exhaust Wrap in action! Click the link below:



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heres a little trick, put the wrap in a bucket of water and get it wet. this allows you to pull the wrap tighter, and when it dries it tightens up really good. this provides a better looking finished product and reduces flaps and breaks
exhaust wrap
<b>Posted by mastemanner</b>

By wrapping your headers with Thermo-Tec exhaust wrap, you keep exhaust heat in your pipes where it belongs. This reduces underhood temperatures up to 70 percent, and cools the incoming air/fuel mixture to increase horsepower and fuel efficiency. Not only that, but the reduced heat also extends the life of electronic components. Exhaust wrap can withstand continuous heat up to 2,000 degrees F, and installs easily with standard hose clamps or the optional stainless steel Snap Straps.
Any one have any experience with Taylor Cable products? i was curious if it really drops air temps under the hood.


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To add to it, note that your header wrap will give off smoke when you start driving. This will continue for a few full cycles (warm up/cool down) or up to about a weeks time. It is completely normal and will eventually stop. It's part of the curing process so don't go thinking your wrap is gonna go up in flames. It won't (unless you got some really crappy off-brand wrap for dirt cheap).
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