How To: Remove Cruise Control in a 6th Gen


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EJ6Civic27 said:
Oh, ok. I getcha now. I dont know anyone w/a DX, so I cant really help.....Ill check the local Honda dealer, tomorrow just for shits-n-giggles. Maybe they'll give me a part # on it.
lol, I work at honda, but thanks. I think well be better off finding someone with a dx.


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so i guess im gonna need one of these rubber pieces also? LOL i drive a 97 ex


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thought i would just throw in my before and after, i aslo got rid of some "rice" in the form of these gay blue hoses that were on it when i bought it. enjoy!

and my next step is to do a thoruough clean of the bay, its dirty as hell





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This post is old, but it definitely help me get my cruise control off. The hardest part was to get the throttle cable off. basically i just rotated it upwards (pulling the wire at 90 degrees and it came off, slips off. The other question ppl had was how to cover the firewall hole. I had a rubber hood adjuster plug (basically its used to adjust the hood when it is closed up or down) and I just twisted inside the firewall hole and it fit perfectly! Looks OEM and looks better than patching it up with black tape. Im assuming the plug came off a civic a long time ago when i upgraded my front end.


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First, huge thanks to the OP for this helpful and detailed explanation. The pics really helped, and I was able to do this in about 30 min.

Push on the gas pedal to find out which one is the actual throttle cable. The one that moves is the one you DONT want. Reach way up ontop of the pedal assembly, and push/pull the cable up and out of the assembly.
Pretty sure this part is written incorrectly. When you push the gas pedal, the cable that moves is actually the throttle cable, and you DO want to keep that cable entact (i.e. if you cut it, you're SOL for pressing the gas lol).

The cable that DOESN'T move when you press the gas is the one you want to remove. It's pulled in the opposite direction by the cruise control assembly, which manually depresses the gas pedal. That's the one you want to remove and pull back through the firewall.

Just figured that was worth clarifying for anyone who comes along like I did and scratches their head for a moment at that part of the instructions.