I Need Help With a Car Build!


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My father and I have an older 1996 Honda Civic (sedan). As a summer project we are hoping to engine swap it and hopefully turbo it as well. Since I haven't got the first clue about car engines or turbo-ing (I am more of a street/dirt bike guy myself) I was looking for a bit of help.

I was hoping I could get some help on stuff like which engines and turbos would be the fastest, the cheapest, give the most bang for my buck, and the easiest to swap... etc. We weren't planning on going crazy. I want to get 2 major build ideas - a wish list, full of better, slightly more expensive parts... and a reasonable list - a build that is still faster, but being much more budget-friendly.
Now IDK what is considered "Budget" in the car world, so I am thinking my "budget" build is looking like less than $1,000 - is that reasonable?
My Wish-build probably more towards 2k?

Any serious advice would be appreciated! (As I am completely new to the car world) I'll be around to read every response and answer questions about the car/build if I need to =) thanks for the help