I was a member of merkur club of america, then a honda blew the doors off of my XR4TI


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I am up in years , I diy everything, use used parts from a YOU pull it yard. I LOVE my Honda 05 coup which to me is the best well thought out car I have ever driven. It would be such a waste to have myself buried in it when I die.



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Whats the plans then? The Ford XR4TI is pretty old and kind of rare now. Do you still have the car?


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The rear-drive Merkur XR4Ti had a 2.3-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, which made it different from the European Ford, which used a 2.8-liter atmospheric V6. The power unit developed 147 hp on hatchbacks with a three-speed automatic transmission and 177 hp on versions with a five-speed manual.
The project to introduce the new brand proved to be unsuccessful. Due to the high rate of the German brand, the car was quite expensive (from 16.5 thousand dollars), and the demand for cars was not high. Totally till 1989 42464 such cars were sold in the USA and Canada.