Im not sure where to post this. And to be quit honest im not sure what I have here. I know this is a J30A v6 engine out of a accord I am assuming. My buddy had it and was going to swap it into a Civic. All this is here is the complete engine. It doesnt have a wiring harness. no tranny or any of that. Just engine. I picked it up for $250. It runs. So... I guess the question here is did I get a good deal? how much is it actually worth? What can i do with it? Is this a good engine? sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot... im not really sure where to post this to...


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my first question is why did you buy it if you had no idea what to do with it

it isnt the popular engine of choice for a J swap, usually the J32a or J35. You want to find a six speed trans then have to get the harness and have rywire or chase bays (if I remember their name right) do the conversion. Then hasport does make a swap kit (not sure exactly what all it is in the kit) and still I think you have to do some fab work.


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^ agreed

the hasport kit has: mounts, axles, steering modifications for the car if it requires it... you also need the ECU for a 6-speed J30a, which is damn near impossible to find, those motors were the base econo-box motors for the accord and were 95% auto.

the J30a is the bastard child of the J-series, I'd just get rid of it.