JMart's 94 DX Coupe Build


1994 DX Coupe
Hey guys. I just finished the deal today on getting my coupe today. I was so excited about it I already started cleaning her and forgot to take before pictures. Uhm..I will try to find the pictures that were posted on Craigslist, but now I only have one.

She's in bad shape cosmetically, but driving-wise, it is just a dream.
Oxidation is taking place on her red paint, the tint was done by, what I'm guessing, a toddler-bubbles everywhere, plus ridiculous stickers everywhere. I live in Northern California so I had to take the tint off the front Windows which made a horrible mess with residue all over my Windows but finally got that under control.
Head y Tail lights
Front Lip (possibly)
Short Ram
Fix odds and ends of almost everything else.

Purchased this automobile for 2300 with 155k on the automatic motor.

Just one picture until morning.

Craigslist pictures:

Nice Rice Tails, Sweet Hubs, Bubbled Tint.
I've got my work cut out for myself.


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annnnnd good luck with it


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Get rid of the tails, new rims, drop it, lips, call it a day.
Body's real straight, I bought it from a chubby guy and he sat on the hood and put a little dent in it, that's the only thing.
I apologize for not keeping you guys updated. There's a storm coming through and my windshield wipers were out of sink so the passenger was getting caught on the driver side wiper blade. Kind of scary only seeing red and grey on the freeway.

I will edit this with better pictures in about an hour, just cleaning her up a bit.


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Those pictures made the tail look pretty good with those lights lol. Must be a nice a$$ camera. But there are other aftermarket tails that look good/almost oem but not as ricer as those. Good luck with the build. 2K + for a auto i dont know if thats a good deal regardless of the mileage.


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WOW! alotta work but good base GL with the build man!

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