Leak... passenger CV axle joint


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I had a visible oil leak a few months ago, so I was looking under the car to see where it was coming from. I saw liquid on what I think is the power steering pump, and it was dripping down to the oil pan. Under the hood, I could tell I needed a new valve cover gasket, so I changed that and also changed the camshaft plug cap. The Vtec solenoid gasket 15826-RNA-A01 was cheap, and I saw that it could be leaking, so I went ahead and changed that too. I did not change the o ring 91319-PAA-A01 on that pressure switch, hopefully it's ok. It looks dryer now around the power steering pump, so I don't think power steering fluid was leaking. I did buy the red and black o rings that go there just in case, so I can do that another time. Also, the level of power steering fluid hasn't gone down in the reservior. My oil level seem good, but there is still some moisture under the engine.

Specificically, I see moisture on the passenger CV axle joint where it meets the transmission. (I think it's the transmission where it connects, I'm not that knowledgable but I have read and watched some youtube videos.) When I lay under the car with my right hand on the passenger side and left on the drivers side, and my feet toward the front of the car, I can see right in the middle, directly under the starter (I changed that last winter), the metal part before the boot is all wet on the cv axle. The rubber boot is a little wet where it is clamped to the joint/metal part, but as the boot tapers to the shaft, it is dry. Is this moisture coming from above? I do see a little moisture behind it near where the starter connects into the car. Does this happen to CV axle joints?

Also, every morning when I turn my wheel to get out of a parallel parked spot, I hear a click once when I turn all the way to the right. It usually only happens once, the first time I turn all the way to the right. Sometimes I'll parallell park later in the day, and when I go to park, the first time I turn all the way to the right, I hear a click. I did install new KYB front struts on both sides a few months ago, so I don't think it's the struts. I also replaced the front sway bar links.

Anyway, I know so far that these Hondas leak from the valve cover gasket, Vtec solenoid, power steering pump, and the infamous coolant leaking from the cracked block (fingers crossed!), but I'm not sure of other places prone to leaking. Any help is appreciated!


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Sounds like your CV joint will need to be replaced, they will click and get worse over time.